Moregain Capital Group (MCG) is a private equity firm with over 30 years of experience in capital markets. We offer a solid foundation with a large network of funding sources and a unique set of high growth potential business opportunities in four major sectors of the economy. Our concentration is on businesses with healthy returns, remarkable stability and possess a strong likelihood to be taken public through an initial public offering. MCG believes in partnering closely with our investors to eliminate any blind spots and establish a relationship of trust and communication. We encourage our investors to be involved in decision making and productivity, and we firmly hold to a “no black box” policy.

The focus at MCG is taking our invested enterprises to public listings in the stock market. We make these decisions based on our proprietary profit-making business models and our experience and confidence in our relationships. Our capital funding models allow us to achieve the maximum market share and significant market appreciation for our partners. MCG has set up an industrial management fund for each of our main focuses. These include Life Sciences, Hotel & Casino, and Motion Picture investment funds. An additional focus is on commercial loans and credit services with an audience focus of recent graduates, small to medium size startup companies in technology, real estate, and more. For these funds, MCG plans to raise a total of $10 billion USD. This capital will be pulled from selected industries and fields within the United States, China, Hong Kong and more, and will employ methods such as investment holding, equity cooperation, reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, etc. MCG establishes funds and relationships based on top of the line design, planning, risk control, and operations. With careful consideration of our investors, hard work, and innovation, we will achieve a win-win situation for everyone.