The introduction and guidance of Cross Complaints against Jesse Weiner & Yoyo (Miaoxin) Yu

By the later part of 2017, Weiner and his wife Yu, had begun their pursuit of an insidious plan to destroy an U.S. small business, operated by private citizens, hoping to develop the leading cancer treatment called Proton Beam Therapy. Deceptively sneaking themselves into the Moregain Capital core operations team,Weiner through misrepresentation of himself, as a so-called California Lawyer, going so far as to unscrupulously inviting directors and team members to his fake office in Beverly Hills without proper license as described in the Cross Complaint:

In late 2017, Weiner first met with representatives of Moregain Capital.  Initially, Weiner claimed to have numerous valuable contacts with persons and companies in Los Angeles, and he asserted that he could make introductions.  After setting up a few such meetings, Weiner went further, falsely orally stating to persons including Moregain Capital CEO Frank Wan that he (Weiner) was a licensed California attorney with substantial corporate experience and the requisite competence to provide general counsel legal services, draftsmanship services, and advice to Moregain Capital.

In order to gain the necessary trust, Weiner defrauded the trust of Moregain Capital’s former directors, specifically:

As Weiner himself acknowledged in his First Amended Complaint in this action, he agreed to provide legal services to Moregain Capital without salary or cash compensation, with the hope that such affiliation would one day lead to future wealth and opportunities.  Moregain Capital gladly accepted Weiner’s offer, ignorant of the fact that Weiner, although an attorney, had misled Cross-Complainants, who only recently learned that Weiner was not licensed to practice law in California where Weiner would be working.  Thereafter, Weiner engaged in the practice of law in California on behalf of Cross-Complainants and others without ever obtaining a license from the State Bar of California to do so.

Weiner often became furious, bursting into a profanity filled outrage, shouting and directing profane remarks to nearly every colleague in the organization when his licensing status was questioned, and his lies were discovered.

More than a year into their deceitful operation, Yu and Weiner plotted and designed plans to remove the former Chairman of the board and all other c-level officers by threatening them in the name of a Foreign Agent. Thus, they were able to secure for themselves and their purpose every and all critical positions by the order of the aforementioned Foreign Agency to eventually control Moregain Capital and turn it into trash:

When Weiner and Yu first became involved with Cross-Complainants, the Chairman of Moregain Capital was Michael Antonovich (“Antonovich”).  Cross-Complainants are informed and believe, and thereon allege, that, in or around June 2018, Weiner and Yu conspired with third parties – possibly agents or representatives of a foreign government – to pressure Antonovich to resign from that position to create an opening, at which point Weiner volunteered to take over that position, and Moregain Capital agreed to appoint Weiner as its Chairman.  Weiner would later be appointed CEO of Moregain Capital.

The former chairman’s sudden resignation (caused, on information and belief, by Weiner and Yu) also resulted in substantial economic losses to Moregain Capital when then-ongoing cooperation, business relationships and deals slowed, halted and/or were canceled. This action also caused other employees to depart due to the former chairman’s decision to leave.

After taking up the positions, Weiner and his wife Yu stole a large amount of company funds, severely leaked trade secrets and intellectual property to a Foreign Agent, set up schemes to coerce/deceive other officers/shareholders to provide signatures, to further embezzle the company’s equity, forge a huge annual salary contract, and blackmail the company’s shareholders and partners. Anyone who dared to not agree their wishes, were to be attacked by all possible means. They exercised their power to such an extreme that nearly any action, no matter how disreputable would be deployed by them to satisfy their purposes. The Cross Complaints reveals:

(1) The Fraudulent Employment Agreement

(2) The Fraudulent Moregain Capital Shareholder Agreement

It is worth mentioning, every time cooperation agreements were executed with the world’s most advanced technology companies, the technology secrets revealed by the parties of the joint venture were again and again leaked to agents of a foreign country. As a result of the company’s huge economic losses, the company has collected enough hard evidence lead to Weiner and Yu’s foreign agent roles. This information and data has been officially reported to FBI, and conducted its discovery of the money smuggling channels organized behind it. As part of the investigation, any financial intelligence which leads to the exposure of additional infractions or malfeasance, which may pose a endanger our nation’s future and interests, up to and including the apprehension, prosecution and possible deportation of Foreign Agent(s), will be awarded 100,000 US dollars.

All directors and team members of our company have thereafter hired and retained the council and expertise of Attorney Lawrence Siegel as our litigation lawyer, who has filed 171 cross complaints against Weiner and Yu. The reliable evidence collected and sited by the Siegal Law Office prove that the Weiner couple had, in premeditated actions, planned, plotted, organized and actively committed theft from the attempted destruction of Moregain Capital. Additionally, their fraudulent actions resulted in their securing free room and board, office facilities, car leases, share allotment and company power.

The company hereby declares: Through verification of hard evidence, Weiner has been pretending to be a licensed California Attorney and has been defrauding the US and China entertainment industry for an extended period of time. He and his wife Yu were accused of fraud, forgery of documents, embezzlement of company assets and an additional seven counts, including the theft of confidential/top secret scientific technology and intelligence, having smuggled this information to a Foreign Agent. These actions have seen legal action taken and reports made separately to Authorities.

Herewith attached the copy of Cross Complaints:

The behavioral evaluation of this couple by MoreGain Capital’s team members; employees; clients; and friends: